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Scratch & Motion Detection 0

Scratch & Motion Detection

Moving the Sprite, Bounce On Edge Move your sprite forward. When your sprite touches the edge, rotate it some number of degrees. The sprite should appear to bounce from edge to edge. Bounce on...

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MIT Scratch : ‘Flappy Bird’

Project to Remix Concepts Sprites &┬áCostumes 2D Coordinate Systems Simple Motion / Animation Control Structures: If/Else, Loops Using Costumes Sprites contain multiple Costumes. You can use ‘Looks’ blocks to change a Sprite’s Costume....

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Mozilla X-Ray Goggles

These activities and resources will help people learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and the Open Web. Learners will tinker around with web pages using the X-Ray Goggles and remix to make their own...

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Hack the Holiday Card

This activity was created for the Hour of Code movement as a way to introduce new hackers to the building blocks of the web: HTML & CSS. There’s even some JavaScript for the adventurous.